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Bali International Women’s organization (BIWA)

The Bali International Women’s Association is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit organization located on the island of Bali. BIWA was established in 1974 by seven resourceful women from various nationalities in response to a natural disaster in the northern part of Bali. Today its members, all women, come from Indonesia and many other countries. Members devote and pool their time, money, expertise and resources as volunteers to achieve the BIWA aims.


  1. To foster friendship and mutual understanding between women of different nationalities

We all need friends.  Women from other countries than Indonesia who come to Bali for work or are following a husband employed on the island, may feel a need to connect with other women. So do Indonesian women coming from a different island and find themselves in an unfamiliar environment, because Bali has a culture different from the other islands in the archipelago. BIWA offers all women a unique opportunity to meet other women in a spirit of friendship.

  1. To contribute to social welfare, education, and improvement of the lives of underprivileged people living in Bali, in particular women and children.

Bali is not a poor part of Indonesia, but there still are pockets of poverty and vulnerable groups. BIWA raises funds from its members and through other channels for small projects beneficial to women and children in Bali. The main fundraising event is the yearly BIWA bazaar.

Board and Constitution

BIWA is run by a volunteer board of 9 members elected annually by the membership. The organization operates according to a Constitution and By-laws which were revised in 2006 and accepted by the membership in 2007.